Here’s something no one is gonna tell you:

1 in 2,000,000 North Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue.

Here’s something else:

lobsters shed their exoskeleton through the process

of molting, the removal of hard-ness

from their alien bodies,

which takes a lot of energy

and concentration

and doesn’t always leave the lobster in

the best of spots.

open and vulnerable to predation,

lobsters are much more likely

to die after they’ve lost their

protective shell.

doesn’t something about this sound


It’s a myth that lobsters can live forever.

They can die.

They do die.

As old as the oldest human,

if not more.

four foot long behemoths off

the coast of nova scotia,

44 pound monsters just

swimming out there.

how much energy does it take

for the biggest lobster to molt

her gnarled shell?

it must take reserves as large as her very self to change.

sometimes, in their

eradication of armor

and all that is hard within them,

lobsters naturally pass away-

the monumental effort of

trying again

becoming simply

too much to bear.

Can you relate?

Haven’t we both, in our trying,

decided it was simply too much

to make ourselves

vulnerable again?

Here’s something else:

If lobsters could live forever

they would.


die trying
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